Bids and Tenders

All purchases at the Town of Gibsons are governed by the Town’s purchasing policy. This policy was adopted to achieve the maximum of economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the performance of the purchasing and tendering functions for goods and services required by the Town of Gibsons, and to enhance the health of our employees and the community by ensuring that products and services are safe and environmentally sustainable.


Sealed Proposals plainly marked on the envelope “Proposals for Residential Organic Waste Diversion Program No. PW2017-03” will be received by the Purchasing Officer, Town of Gibsons (Town) at its office at 474 S. Fletcher Rd., Gibsons, British Columbia before 3:00 pm local time on Friday, July 14, 2017.
A Proponent shall provide a Proposal on a residential organics waste diversion program in accordance with the requirements of the above-noted RFP which will include a comprehensive communication and education plan.
A Proposal which proposes variations or alternatives to the requirements of the RFP may be considered at the sole discretion of the Town.
Request for Proposals may be obtained from the Town at 474 S. Fletcher Rd., Gibsons or from B.C. Bid at
View the 2017 Organics Waste Diversion Request For Proposal here