Significant erosion from storm water runoff between Gibsons Way and Gibsons Creek was identified in a 2006 study by Golder Associates Ltd. Recommendations were provided to address this erosion which consisted of the construction of a new channel to direct the flows away from the area of erosion.

A low-impact diversion structure was constructed entirely by hand as access to the site was difficult and the use of heavy machinery would have significantly impacted the environmentally sensitive areas along the creek and tributaries. The waters draining from Gibsons Way to Gibsons Creek have now been diverted into the new channel. An unforeseen rainstorm enabled staff and the contractor to witness the impact of storm runoff during construction, allowing some refinements to be completed to the channel in response to this well-timed test. In all, over 100 tonnes of material was transported into the ravine from the road above and laid in place by hand. The entire project was overseen by a local environmental professional. Construction was complete by the end of August 2009.

Erosion concern identified in 2006

Construction commences

Bank supporting diversion channel in foreground. Background – filled bags waiting for placement

In total over 100 tonnes of material

Storm water flowing down newly constructed channel