Message from the Mayor

Wayne RoweJuly 2018

To the residents of Gibsons,

From open-air farmers’ and artisans’ markets, to music and arts festivals, to the renowned Festival of the Written Arts, the Sunshine Coast truly comes alive with a full range of fun, family-friendly events each summer.

Of all of these vibrant happenings though, the highlight for me has always been Gibsons’ own Sea Cavalcade, a diverse and lively seaside carnival, which this year is marking its golden anniversary from July 27th to 29th.

First envisioned in 1968, Sea Cavalcade was created to bring together local communities in celebration. Since then, it’s become a jam-packed, three-day gathering that features a wide variety of entertaining, family-friendly events, including a parade, one-mile foot race, Salmon BBQ, family dance, pancake breakfast, Keats Island Swim, Party in the Park and, of course, the always-spectacular fireworks.

Some of these events are long-established institutions. The Keats Island Swim, for example, which sees swimmers race the mile from Keats Island to Armours Beach, has been running for at least 25 years, making it one of Sea Cav’s oldest traditions, after the parade and fireworks.

As well as being a vital part of Gibsons’ social history, Sea Cavalcade is a remarkable testament to community spirit.

This event could not take place without the enthusiasm, energy and hard work of more than 150 volunteers, who work year-round to plan and organize the festival’s events, manage its finances, obtain the requisite paperwork, and then oversee set up, clean up, parade marshalling, traffic control, ticket sales and event coordination on the weekend itself.

It’s a sprawling, multi-faceted undertaking, which all comes together under the indefatigable leadership of Conchita Harding, the long-time Chair of the Sunshine Coast Sea Cavalcade Society.

Our local business community also contributes generously, providing expertise, financial support and supplies so that Sea Cavalcade can remain a truly affordable family event.

This year, I encourage you to soak up the comradery and playful spirit that always accompanies this wonderful local event. I also ask that you take a moment to give thanks for the many volunteers who dedicate countless hours to ensure that Sea Cavalcade is one of the most memorable parts of your summer – and, perhaps, to consider joining them in some capacity next year.

Yours truly,

Mayor Wayne Rowe

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