Development Applications

If you have plans for a project in the Town boundaries and you need to know more about the process involved, the list below provides links to common application procedures and explanatory guides. If you are not sure what type of process will be involved, or if you need to apply for a combination of permits or approvals, please contact the Planning Department for more information.


2016-01-13 – Development Cost Charges Update Presentation to Developers
Development Cost Charges Guide (DCCs)
Development Permit Numbers 1,2 and 9 Application (Geotechnical, Environmental and Gibsons Aquifer Development Permit Areas) 
Development Permit Numbers 3-8 Application (Form and Character Development Permit Areas)
Development Variance Permit Application Form and Guide
Official Community Plan Amendment Application Guide and Form
Policy for Evaluating Development Variance Permit Applications
Sign Permit Guide and Application Form
Smart Development Checklist
Zoning Amendment Application Form and Guide