The Aquifer Project

The Aquifer Project is a multi-disciplinary artistic exploration on the value and impact of our underground water source, The Gibsons Aquifer. Led by a team of professional artists in collaboration with local children and youth, this interactive arts project is inspired by the Town of Gibsons’ Aquifer Mapping Report.

It aims to foster a sense of connection between the community and its infrastructure, both natural and engineered, that supports their quality of life, including drinking water storage and filtration. The Aquifer Project is a partnership between the Town and the Deer Crossing the Art Farm, with support from the BC Arts Council.

On December 12, 2014, multi-disciplinary art works were presented as part of the Filtered event, a mini art crawl hosted at the Arts Building. The Aquifer Audio Project was one aspect of this event, producing the Aquifer's own theme song, "We Are Water."