Reed Road Multi-Use Path

As a condition of their development, the developers of Parkland Phase 4 must provide improvements to the frontage of their property. These include the provision of curbing, a multi-use path, and the installation of streetlights.

During 2020, Council approved the extension of the curbage and multi-use path to Park Road (rather than having the curb and trail terminate mid-block.)

In 2021, the Town learned that it would be the recipient of a $675,000 grant to be used to complete safe, continuous links between the tourism centers of Upper Gibsons and Lower Gibsons.

As a result, the Reed Road multi-use path will now be extended all the way to North Road.

In Q3 2021, curbing on Reed Road from Payne Road to Park Road was completed.

Next steps include the paving of a multi-use path along the same section. This work has been planned for Q4 2021, but is dependent on weather.