Gibsons Seawalk

The Gibsons seawalk stretches along the Town’s waterfront from the Gibsons Public Market to Armours Beach.

The paved and compacted gravel trail is 1.2 kilometres long, with public washrooms available at Winegarden Park, the government wharf and Armours Beach.

It may be accessed along Marine Drive, and Gower Point Road, as well as by stairs at the foot of School Road.

The Gibsons seawalk is considered low gradient and is suitable for people with mobility issues.

What is that orangey/rust-coloured slime?

A short portion of the seawalk between Winegarden Park and School Road is often affected by runoff from a privately owned property that borders the walkway.

The runoff is a bright orangey-brown colour, due to a type of non-harmful bacteria that takes iron dissolved in groundwater and oxidizes it (a chemical reaction similar to forming rust). The oxidation prevents iron from dissolving in the water and produces either an orangey slime and/or an oily sheen, which can be observed along the fence line of the property.

In spring 2022, the Town filed a report on the runoff with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, which oversees all environmental matters in BC. In June 2022, the Ministry confirmed that the site where the runoff is originating is in compliance with applicable provincial regulations.

Town staff are working with the property owner to address the on-site drainage, as this is governed by Town bylaws.