Budget 2020: Sanitary Sewer Operations

Gibsons’ sanitary sewer infrastructure includes pipes, pumps, the wastewater treatment plant, and the lift station, which collect and treat waste water.

2020 Revenue

Total operating revenue is budgeted to be $1,718,639, an increase of $149,532 over 2019.

The increase is related to two factors:

  1. Additional taxes/user fees as more properties are connected to the Town’s sanitary sewer system throughout the year.
  2. A 5% increase in parcel taxes and user fees, which is made up of a 2% cost of living increase and a 3% asset replacement increase.

Each year, the Town’s sewer rates are reviewed to ensure they reflect all current and future costs associated with the Town’s sewage infrastructure. Based on this review, Gibsons’ Council approved an overall increase of 5% in the Town’s sewer rates in the 2020 budget. Higher rates help ensure the Town has the funds it needs to continue delivering reliable sewage services for the long-term.

2020 Expenses

Total operating expenses are budgeted to be $1,498,175, an increase of $204,022 over 2019.

The increase is primarily related to:

  1. Staff training – an increase of approximately $18,000 to ensure staff can continue to do their jobs safely and effectively.
  2. Annual flushing program and smoke-testing work – an increase of approximately $20,000 for ongoing sewer maintenance.
  3. Repairs and maintenance at the Wastewater Treatment Plant – an increase of approximately $60,000 to replace and refurbish key parts and equipment.
  4. Annual interest costs of $46,384 associated with the new debt of $1.76 million, to fund the Prowse Road Lift Station upgrade.
2020 Net Surplus

With revenues of $1,718,639 and operating expenses of $1,498,175, a net surplus of $220,464 has been forecast. This surplus will be used to fund the current year capital expenditure program.

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