Current Capital Projects

What Is a Capital Project?

A capital project is a long-term, capital-intensive investment project with a purpose to build upon, add to, or improve a capital asset. Capital projects are defined by their large scale and large cost relative to other investments that involve less planning and resources.

In the Town of Gibsons, a capital project usually refers to a cost-intensive initiative that will improve the value and service capacity of our infrastructure (e.g. the Whitetower Pond upgrade), or help us maintain our infrastructure (e.g. the purchase of a new dump truck).


Quarterly Updates

The Department of Infrastructure Services is responsible for both natural and engineered Town assets, including oversight of Gibsons’ capital works projects.

Each quarter, the Director of Infrastructure Services provides an update to Council on the status of various capital projects, development construction, and operations and maintenance functions of the Town. To view the latest quarterly update, click here: Infrastructure Services Department Quarterly Report – Q4 2019.

Planned Capital Projects – 2020

To read the Staff Report, which presents an overview of all the capital projects planned for 2020 and beyond, click here: Draft 2020 to 2024 5-Year General Capital/Project Plan.

The 2020 Capital Plan, totalling $7.5 million, includes the following significant projects:

  • Zone 3 Aquifer Expansion Project ($3.3M) – to expand aquifer service to Zone 3 residents, in order to reduce the Town’s reliance on the SCRD water supply by 95% to 98%
  • Prowse Road Lift Station Upgrade ($1.2M) – to replace aging infrastructure and address excessive flows during rain events
  • Gibsons Way Improvements ($449,000) – to construct a bike lane (including the necessary fill and sub-base structure) on the south side of Gibsons Way between School Road and North Fletcher Road. This segment is part of the downhill Upper/Lower Gibsons cycle connector. It is intended that cyclists would link from Gibsons Way to North Fletcher to School Road to access Lower Gibsons.
  • Affordable Housing ($221,000) – several affordable housing initiatives have been budgeted for 2020. These include:
    • an Affordable Housing Needs Assessment – A Coast-wide initiative to collect and analyze community data regarding affordability, population (current and projected), real estate, homelessness and insecure housing, household incomes, dwelling unit types and condition. Click here to access the related survey.
    • the creation of 3 building lots, which could be used for affordable housing or sold, with proceeds used to replenish the Town’s Affordable Housing Reserve. These undeveloped sites are located at Glassford Road & Gower Point Road, Seaview & Bals, and Beach & Glen;
    • a review of the Town’s Community Amenity Contributions policy
  • Pavement Rehabilitation ($350,000) – typically, staff recommend a minimum annual budget of $300,000 be allocated for pavement rehabilitation. For more detail about the Town’s paving program and its approach to maintaining our roads, please click here.