Current Capital Projects

What Is a Capital Project?

A capital project is a long-term, capital-intensive investment project with a purpose to build upon, add to, or improve a capital asset. Capital projects are defined by their large scale and large cost relative to other investments that involve less planning and resources.

In the Town of Gibsons, a capital project usually refers to a cost-intensive initiative that will improve the value and service capacity of our infrastructure (e.g. the Whitetower Pond upgrade), or help us maintain our infrastructure (e.g. the purchase of a new dump truck).

Quarterly Updates

The Department of Infrastructure Services is responsible for both natural and engineered Town assets, including oversight of Gibsons’ capital works projects.

Each quarter, the Director of Infrastructure Services provides an update to Council on the status of various capital projects, development construction, and operations and maintenance functions of the Town. To view the latest quarterly update, click here: Infrastructure Services Department Quarterly Report – Q4 2019.

2019 Capital Projects – Public Spaces
Whitetower Pond Upgrades Phase 1 – $143,000

The Town’s Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) has provided a design for flow control improvements to the existing ponds. These improvements will ensure that the Town is receiving the maximum benefit from the existing ponds while adequately protecting the natural environment downstream of the ponds. The work will create minimal disturbance to Whitetower Park and is proposed to be completed ahead of the construction of the new main new pond in the vacant land behind the pool.

As staff is presently waiting to hear back on a grant application to complete the construction of the main new pond, they are proposing to complete some works ahead of the pond construction, i.e. relocation of a sanitary sewer running through the future pond site.

This project is integral to the Town’s stormwater servicing plans for Upper Gibsons.

Franklin and Pebbles Beach Restoration – $60,000 – COMPLETE FALL 2019

On December 20, 2018, a severe winter storm caused some damage to infrastructure at both Franklin and Pebbles beaches.

At Franklin beach, a lock block wall at the base of the steep slope beside the the only public stair access was damaged, several lock blocks were displaced and there was some erosion at the bottom of the slope.

Damage was also sustained at Pebbles beach.

The budgeted funds will be used to repair the damage. Additionally, staff has made an application for Provincial Disaster Financial Assistance, but do not yet know if the Town will receive any funding.

Georgia Beach Restoration – $15,000 (2019) – COMPLETE FALL 2019 + $126,000 (2020)

The December 2018 storm also caused considerable erosion at Georgia beach, which exposed the roots of three mature trees, undermined the edge of the park and exposed about 3 metres of a 300mm PVC drain outfall.

Phase 1 of this two-part project will place immediate focus on saving the trees (if possible), while Phase II will complete the balance of the restoration. Currently, Phase II is tentatively scheduled for 2020. However, this may change, depending on whether the Town receives financial assistance with the repairs.

Armours Beach Improvements – Phase II – Design of Swimming Area – $21,000

For the design of improvements to the Armours Beach swimming area. The design is expected to include the location, size and number of pilings required (see project description, below), as well as potential improvements to the swim float to accommodate kayak launching, the possible addition of a second float parallel to the shore to replace some of the existing log booms, and the renewal of the remaining log booms, which help to protect the beach from wave action and the deposit of driftwood. A construction budget has been proposed for 2020.

Armours Beach Piling Replacement – $28,000 – COMPLETE SUMMER 2019

During the December 2018 winter storm, two of the six pilings which provide anchors for the swim float and log booms that define the Armours Beach swimming area fell. Additionally, one of the pilings needs to be repaired. The budgeted amount is for the inspection of all six piles, repair of one and replacement of two.

Harmony Hall Perimeter Drainage – $20,000 – COMPLETE SUMMER 2019

Improvements to the perimeter drainage have been identified as a maintenance item at Harmony Hall.