Election Employment Opportunities

The Town of Gibsons has now filled all of the election official positions for the upcoming October 2022 General Municipal Election and is no longer accepting applications. Thanks for your interest!

Who Should Apply?

To qualify you must:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be entitled to work legally in Canada;
  • commit to working on General Voting Day (Saturday, October 15, 2022) and you may also express interest in one or more Advance Voting Days (Wednesday, October 5th and Wednesday, October 12th);
  • commit to attending a mandatory training session for 1.5 hours (dates and times to be determined);
  • commit to working a long day – voting hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm, but election officials are required to be available prior to 8:00am for set-up and after 8:00pm to close down the voting station and assist with the ballot count;
  • be knowledgeable about election procedures, have excellent communication skills and work well in a team environment; and
  • not be or become a candidate, candidate representative or financial agent, or be involved in a campaign for a candidate or an issue that is subject an assent vote during the course of this election.

Election officials are required to make a solemn declaration that they will faithfully and impartially fulfill their duties and will be appointed to one of three positions at the discretion of the Chief or Deputy Chief Election Officer.

Job Descriptions

Election Official

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • To be an impartial and neutral representative on the election team;
  • To have excellent verbal communication skills;
  • To have basic English literacy and language skills (the person does not have to be a native speaker but should be able to communicate adequately);
  • To have basic arithmetic and analytical skills;
  • To understand and follow oral directions, written instructions, or checklists;
  • To have the stamina and patience to interact with a variety of people throughout a very long day;
  • To do repetitive work accurately and efficiently;
  • To conduct themselves in a professional and efficient manner;
  • To act responsibly and exercise good judgment;
  • To have good attention to detail;
  • To have good interpersonal skills for dealing with variety of people;
  • If a presiding election official, to have some experience supervising people.
  • To be able to communicate orally in another language (not required); and
  • To be able to communicate in writing in another language (not required).


  • Directs voters and provides information on the process
  • Confirms identity of voters and issues ballots
  • Attends the ballot box
  • Registers new voters
  • Supervises the ballot box and voting booths
  • Other duties as assigned

Presiding Election Official

Duties in addition to the duties listed above

  • Is responsible for overall management of the voting place
  • Supervises the election officials at the voting place
  • Deals with any concerns or issues arising at the voting place
  • Keeps accurate records of any occurrences or issues
  • Other duties as assigned
2022 Election Official Pay Rates

Election Official

General Voting Day: $300
Advance Voting Day: $300/day
Mandatory Training (1.5 hours): $35

To Submit An Application

To apply to pre-qualify as an Election Official, please print out and complete this Application to Work as Election Official and return it by mail or email to:

Town of Gibsons
Attention: Tracey Hincks, Deputy Corporate Officer/Deputy Chief Election Officer
474 South Fletcher Road
Gibsons, BC V0N 1N0

email: election@gibsons.ca

For further information regarding this opportunity, please contact Tracey Hincks, Deputy Chief Election Officer at 604.885.2274.