Municipal Election 2022

The next General Voting Day for BC municipal elections is Saturday October 15th, 2022.

Notice of Election by Voting

For Voter Information (such as who may vote for the Town of Gibsons’ Council and how to register to vote) please click here.

For Candidate Information (such as who may be nominated, campaign financing and election signs) please click here.

For information on Voting Opportunities (i.e. where and when you can vote, including by mail) please click here.

For information on Who is Running for Election in the Town of Gibsons, please click here.

Chief Election Officer

Rebecca Anderson

Deputy Chief Election Officer

Tracey Hincks 

Key Resources

To view the Town of Gibsons’ Election Bylaw 1301, 2022, click here.

For answers to many Frequently Asked Questions re: Municipal Elections, please refer to this “General Local Elections 101″ brochure, prepared by the Province of BC.

For “What’s New in 2022” and “Key Dates” related to the 2022 Municipal Election, please visit this Elections BC webpage.

Elections BC administers campaign financing, disclosure and election advertising rules under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act. Elections BC does not administer voting or candidate nominations for local elections.