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The Gibsons Way

In May 2013 Town of Gibsons published their first Council E-Newsletter. The newsletter, named “The Gibsons Way”, was launched to inform our residents, visitors, stakeholders and the general public about what is happening at Town Hall, the work we have accomplished and on-going activities related to our work.

We are constantly looking for better ways to communicate with our public, this newsletter is just one way. The Town also has a Facebook page and will be considering other communication tools in the near future. We invite you to join us in the way that you prefer: “like” us on Facebook to get daily tidbits of information, to ask us questions and to comment on our activities. We would be glad to have you among our fans and followers! Come find us on Facebook. Send an email and you will be signed up to receive this newsletter, delivered right to your inbox. It’s that easy. Read archived newsletters below.

The Gibsons Way – headlines from the hallThe Gibsons Way

Volume 13 – May 2017

Volume 12 – March/April 2017

Volume 11 – February 2017

Volume 10 – December 2016

Volume 9 – October & November 2016

Volume 8 – April & May 2014

Volume 7 – March 2014

Volume 6 – February 2014

Volume 5 – December 2013

Volume 4 – November 2013

Volume 3 – October 2013

Volume 2 – June 2013

Volume 1 – May 2013