Community Dialogues

“A community dialogue is a forum that draws participants from as many parts of the community as possible to exchange information face-to-face, share personal stories and experiences, honestly express perspectives, clarify viewpoints, and develop solutions to community concerns and opportunities. Unlike debate, dialogue emphasizes listening to deepen understanding. It develops common perspectives and goals, and allows participants to express their own interests.”- The Canadian CED Network 

What is the Gibsons Community Dialogue Program?

The Gibsons Community Dialogue Program was first established in 2005. Click here to read a 2007 backgrounder on Gibsons Community Dialogues.

In recent years, it has been held intermittently and has focused on specific community interests and projects (see 2017/2018 Community Dialogues below, for more information).

In July 2019, a new series of Community Dialogues was launched. These are intended to provide an ongoing opportunity for residents to meet with members of Gibsons Council and staff in a neutral setting and to provide opportunity to discuss issues of current interest or specific projects that are planned or actively being considered for the community.

When is the next Community Dialogue?

The next Community Dialogue will take place in September 2019. We will publicize the exact date, time and place once they have been set.

2019 Community Dialogues

Dialogue #1 – Council-Community Communications
7pm on Tuesday, July 30, 2019
High Beam Dreams
350 Glassford Road, Gibsons, BC

Click here to read the notes from Dialogue 1 July 30 2019

Click here to read Talk of the Town piece re Community Dialog 1

2017/2018 Community Dialogs

DialogsDIALOG #4 – Is The Town of Gibsons Broke?
7:00pm on Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Gibsons Public Art Gallery
431 Marine Drive, Gibsons, BC

Click here to see a brief overview of 2017 funding sources, expenditures, average property taxes and utilities paid, services received for taxes paid, capital funding and current and pending capital projects.

DIALOG #3 – Is Your Garbage the Town’s Business?
7:00pm on Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Gibsons Public Art Gallery
431 Marine Drive, Gibsons, BC

For background resources, please refer to links following Dialog #1 – Curbside Organics Collection in Gibsons? (below.)

DIALOG #2 – Housing Affordability and STRs
7:00pm on Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Gibsons Public Art Gallery
431 Marine Drive, Gibsons, BC

Get up to speed on Affordable Housing with the following resources:

Affordable Housing – FAQs/Backgrounder
Town of Gibsons – OCP Affordable Housing Policy
Charman Creek Lands Staff Report
Affordable Housing June 2017 Open House Info Posters
Town Website – Affordable Housing web page

Learn more about Short Term Rentals here:

STRs Report – UBCM 2017 
STRs Report – UBCM 2016
SCRD Report on STR questionnaire
STR Public Consultation Report

DIALOG #1 – Curbside Organics Collection in Gibsons?
7:00pm on Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Gibsons Public Art Gallery
431 Marine Drive, Gibsons, BC

Get up to speed on this topic through the following resources:

Town of Gibsons Waste Composition Audit
Town of Gibsons Zero Waste Committee Recommendations to Council
Town of Gibsons Zero Waste Hierarchy as adapted by the Town’s Zero Waste Committee
Town of Gibsons Organics Diversion Survey Results
Grayco Organic Collection Proposal for the Town of Gibsons
SCRD Organics Diversion Strategy