Mayor’s Meetings

photo credit: Ingeborg Suzanne Hardman
Meet with the Mayor

Mayor Bill Beamish is generally available to meet with Town of Gibsons’ residents and other stakeholders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm.

To book an appointment (preferred), please call 604.886.2274 and ask to speak with the Mayor. It is helpful if you can explain the nature of your interest when arranging the meeting, so that Mayor Beamish can prepare in advance.

If your matter is urgent, the Mayor is available by cell phone at 604.989.2364.

*Please note that meetings with the Mayor are not confidential (although the subject matter may be) and that they will be reported to Council and included on the Mayor’s Calendar (below).

Mayor’s Calendar

The following is a list of meetings, not including meetings of Council or SCRD, attended by Mayor Bill Beamish:

Mayor’s Meetings Nov 21 2019 – Feb 28 2020