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Mayor Bill Beamish

April 7, 2020                                                                                                                                       COVID-19 Message #4

Remembering All That Is Good

To the community of Gibsons:

In preparing this update and message to the community, I initially struggled to find a theme or purpose. Like you, I have been reading the papers and watching the daily briefings by the Prime Minister and others, often while sitting with my computer in my lap and scrolling through emails and other reports, each one dealing with a different aspect of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I keep looking for the good news, for the announcement that the end is in sight and that soon we will return to our previously normal lives when we can visit friends, hug or shake hands, and sit together for coffee, as opposed to having Zoom calls.

As frustrating and stressful as this is, I am encouraged and occasionally amazed by all of the goodness that I see in the work that is being done in our community. At the top of the list, must be our health care workers, who continue to provide many services at the hospital, at care homes or to people who require daily support in their homes. These people are at greater risk of infection and must take precautions with every action or service they perform, yet they continue to do it to keep us safe.

I also see the teachers and education assistants who continue to work with our children and students to maintain their education and provide continuity of learning, while distracting them from the stress of the situation around them. In some cases, teaching assistants are also providing day care support for the children of our health care and other essential workers, so that they can continue to work and protect us.

The RCMP, ambulance workers and firefighters, many of whom are volunteers, are also working hard.  This enables us to sleep better, knowing they are ready to respond to local emergencies or to support our health care workers who, while keeping us safe, must also take care of people for whom the stress is too great and who need also need help. In addition, a volunteer group is coming together to organize a ‘Business Watch’ to patrol our commercial areas while many of our stores are closed and owners or employees are self-isolating.

Daily, I see people continuing to provide services in grocery stores and other businesses that ensure we are able to access life’s necessities. These include food, gas for our vehicles, items for repairing or fixing our homes, and prepared meals. Others keep working so that all the services we normally take for granted carry on – the ability to post a letter or package and receive our mail, using our water and sewer systems, having our garbage collected, our public transit continue, and our lights stay on.

As well, I have become aware of the many volunteers and volunteer groups that have organized to ensure that people are able to get the support and services they need. The Sunshine Coast Task Force, for example, consists of many people using their local knowledge and skills to develop a network of service providers for food, transportation, pick-up and delivery of items and other things. In addition, in Gibsons, the Harmony Hall Seniors are preparing meals twice a week, at cost, for people in need in our community.

Technology like cell phones and computers are also keeping us connected. Our youth are organizing chat groups to stay in touch and to plan activities. Our elected leaders are meeting regularly via Zoom to discuss current issues and the constant updating of news and events. Our senior administrators are coordinating via the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to respond to service requests and to develop plans for new or expanded community services, such as public washrooms, showers and accommodation for homeless and vulnerable people in our communities. As well, we are able to participate in regularly scheduled conference calls with leaders from other communities throughout the province and to be briefed on the most recent information from the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Officer.

People are also using technology to get together for coffee, to play games, chat and, in some cases, to pray together.

I am also very gratified to see neighbours, families and children getting out on their porches at 7:00pm each night to yell and bang pots in honour of the health care workers and others in our community who continue working to keep us safe. In my own neighbourhood, I refer to this as the “Parkland Neighbourhood 7:00 O’Clock Band”…what a noise and clamor we make! (Thanks, Cathy, for leading the band each night.)

In short, even though we have a lot of concern and stress about our situation and the impact that the pandemic is having on people and communities everywhere, we also have a lot to be thankful for.

Additionally, we can take comfort in the fact that countless people, including many of our neighbours and friends, are still out there, working to keep us safe and our daily lives running as normally as possible.

Let’s remember to thank them.

It’s Your Turn

Tell us what is happening in your life and how the pandemic is affecting your day-to-day activities.

Where do you find good in our community at this time?

Do you have a thank you to send to someone or some group in the community? Let us know and we will pass it on.

Please share with us your story and photos of how you or our community have been affected by this unprecedented event. Email:

On Behalf of Council,


Mayor Bill Beamish

Town of Gibsons


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