Talk of the Town: Monthly Messages from Council

Wayne RoweSeptember 2018

To the residents of Gibsons,

As even relative newcomers have probably noticed, the Town of Gibsons is in the midst of considerable change. A number of new residential developments have recently been approved, local housing prices have spiked by as much as 60% in the past few years, and hot, dry summers seem to be the new norm.

While individual citizens may feel like they have very little say in the changes they see happening around them, there are actually numerous ways to make your thoughts known.

A few of these include; writing a letter to Council, a specific Councillor, or the local newspapers; attending and speaking at Council meetings, Public Hearings, or other participatory events; starting, or signing, a petition; or even just sharing ideas about local issues with friends.

Actions like these are a critical part of the democratic process, which gives all eligible citizens the right to participate, either directly or indirectly, in making the decisions that affect them.

Another meaningful way to affect the future of our community is to get engaged with our upcoming municipal election.

The first step is to get familiar with the issues that must be addressed as Gibsons transitions from a relatively quiet, seaside town to a larger, more urban, and diverse community.

How do we retain our seaside character while increasing density? How does the Town achieve financial sustainability while addressing the huge capital demands that come with aging infrastructure? What steps can we take to ensure the health of our Aquifer in perpetuity? And how do we ensure Gibsons continues to attract and retain the young families every community needs to thrive?

Each candidate for Town Council should have a position on these issues (as well as the many other challenges Gibsons faces.) Find out what those positions are, attend debates, listen, ask questions, trade ideas (civilly, please) and decide whose vision for our future most reflects your own.

Then, get out and vote for the people you believe will best represent and work for Gibsons over the next four years. It’s your community and you do have a say – just as long as you participate.

Yours truly,

Mayor Wayne Rowe

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