What’s New

In January 2018, the Town of Gibsons sent a letter to Adrian Dix, the Minister of Health for BC, requesting immediate action on the lack of long-term care beds on the Coast. Read the letter here.

In January 2018, the Town of Gibsons received Community Milestone 4 after submitting its Sunshine-Coast-Community-Energy-and-Emissions-Plan and a series of Climate Action Review reports to showcase its implementation of activities related to climate change.

On January 2, 2018, we welcomed Lesley-Ann Staats as our new Director of Planning. She replaces Andre Boel, who held the position for nearly five years. For more information, please refer to the Press Releases below:

Town of Gibsons Announces Resignation of Director of Planning
Town of Gibsons Names New Director of Planning

In November 2017, the Town announced the creation of the Department of Infrastructure Services, which unites the Departments of Engineering, Public Works and Parks and Recreation. Additionally, the Town announced that Ian Poole, it’s long-time Director of Finance would be retiring and that Dave Douglas would be taking his place. For more information about these changes, please refer to the Press Releases below:

Town of Gibsons Creates Department of Infrastructure Services
Town of Gibsons Welcomes Dave Douglas as New Director of Finance
Town of Gibsons’ Long-Time Director of Finance Set to Retire