Current Water Projects

White Tower Park Culvert Replacement
September 5, 2019

Heavy machinery will be working in White Tower Park this week to install a new culvert at the outlet at one of the ponds. This will allow the pond levels to be controlled properly and also eliminate the issue of water flowing over the trail during high flows. The work is expected to take one or two days to complete.


Aquifer Expansion Project
present to mid-2020

Work is underway to expand service from the Gibsons Aquifer to Zone 3 (Upper Gibsons) residents. Read all about it here.


Replacement of Asbestos-cement Watermains 

Over 50% of the Town’s watermains, representing approximately 18 kms of pipe, are constructed of asbestos cement. Asbestos cement pipe was a popular pipe material in the 1960s and 1970s and used extensively across North America.

The use of asbestos cement pipe has been well studied and documented with regards to health and is not considered a health risk; however, it is prone to breakage. Due to the high leakage and failure rate the Town is taking a proactive approach to replacing all its asbestos cement watermains in combination with the Town’s pavement renewal program.