Projects of Note

263 Gower Point Road

Project Description

The developer is proposing to build a two-storey mixed-use development, containing 3 commercial units and 4 residential dwelling units. The development site is a former site of a Shell gas station and is located in a prominent position in the centre of Lower Gibsons at the “Five Corners” intersection.

Project Status

A development permit has been issued to allow development of a multi-unit commercial space.

Staff has also received an application for a DPA 1 (Geotechnical Hazards) and is waiting to receive a geotechnical report from the developer.

Related reports

2020-April-7 Staff Report to PDC: Development Permit for Form and Character (DPA 5) for 263 Gower Point Road

2020-Feb-4 Staff Report to PDC: Development Permit for Form and Character (DPA 5) for 263 Gower Point Road


Gospel Rock – Block 7

Project website:

Greenlane Homes anticipates building a mixture of commercial, multi-family and single-family zones on this 47-acre site. The proposal allows for up to 360 residential units and protects approximately 46% of Block 7 from development through park and greenspace.

Approximately 49% of the 47 acres is zoned as Parks, Recreation and Open Space. This includes the three view points (Cross Rock, Little Africa, and Gospel Rock), all of the waterfront area, most of the steep and environmentally sensitive forested slopes, and the “greenlane” to the neighbourhood centre. Some of the green space areas will be dedicated to the Town; other areas will be protected through restrictive covenants or through partnering with a conservation organization.


Current Project Status

July 2022: Greenlane Homes has now officially finalized the master plan “Servicing Agreement” with the Town of Gibsons. With this major agreement in place, site work can resume and crews can commence the next phases of construction this fall.

The Building Permits for The Residences and The Townhomes are expected to be granted in late September or early October of this year, and as such, excavation and construction on these two residential buildings can commence.

The George

Updated March 1, 2023

On June 1, 2022, the Form and Character Development Permit (DP-2018-05) and Land Exchange Agreement expired. The Town has received a new Development Permit application for Form and Character and a request to extend the Land Exchange Agreement. Staff are currently reviewing the application and intend to bring it to Council for a decision in the first quarter of 2023. The report will be available for public viewing one week prior to the meeting.

The application can be viewed at

In October 2022, land assessments on the property were initiated. This work requires minor excavation of the site, which is included in the scope of work for both the environmental and geotechnical permits held by the developer.


Stonehurst Proposal


To redevelop the Stonehurst site into a boutique hotel and condominium

Project Status

At the March 7, 2023 Committee of the Whole meeting, Council decided that the project will go to public hearing on April 25.

On June 7, 2022, the Committee of the Whole sent Pacific Ray Development’s (PRD) redevelopment proposal to Council for consideration of first reading on June 21, 2022. The Committee also referred negotiations on the Community Amenity Contributions (CAC) to another round of discussions with the developer. Staff recommended that Council have the CAC offer recommendation finalized before the bylaws proceed to public hearing, which would be scheduled after the related bylaws receive second reading.

View a video recording of the June 7, 2022 Committee of the Whole meeting here.