Block 7 – Gospel Rock

Modus Planning Design and Engagement Inc. has applied on behalf of Greenlane Homes (the applicant) to rezone approximately 47 acres of land from Single-Family Residential Zone 4 (R-4) to a selection of zones following the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan.

The proposed zones include a mixture of commercial, multi-family and single-family zones, to create distinct areas within the neighbourhood, allowing for up to 360 residential units. 23 acres are proposed to be rezoned to Park (PRO), with a “green lane” proposed to tie the neighbourhood and park together.

This application is the first zoning amendment application within the OCP’s Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan since the adoption of the neighbourhood plan in 2012. The image below shows Block 7 in relation to the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan.

INFORMATION MEETING – NOVEMBER 22, 2017 – 4:30 to 8:00pm
Gibsons Royal Canadian Legion Hall – 747 Gibsons Way

This well-attended meeting was held in order to provide updates to the Block 7, Gospel Rock Village rezoning application. Information materials at the meeting provided updates about the application with regards to:

– transportation and traffic planning
– phasing of improvements
– community amenities, including open space, trails, parks and neighbourhood infrastructure
– affordable housing

For more information: Gospel Rock Village – Block 7 – Backgrounder/FAQs – Transportation Infrastructure


Process Date Accompanying documents
Zoning Amendment Application Submitted May 25, 2017 Application Summary
Application referred to external agencies June 8, 2017
Application to Committee-of-the-Whole for preliminary briefing July 18, 2017 Applicant Presentation to Committee
Staff Report
Attachment 1 – Rezoning Application
Attachment 2 – Feedback Summary
Attachment 3 – Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan
Committee of the Whole November 7, 2017 Staff Report on Block 7 Rezoning Application
Attachment 1 – Transportation Impact Study
Attachment 2 – Affordable Housing Policy
Attachment 3 – APC Minutes July 21
Attachment 4 – SCRD comments
Staff Report on Shaw/Inglis Road Extension
Attachment 1 – Road Network Plan Study
Public Information Meeting November 22, 2017 Town Poster Boards
Greenlane Homes Poster Boards
Committee of the Whole December 19, 2017 Staff Report on feedback from the Public Information Meeting
First Reading  February 20, 2018

April 3, 2018

2018-02-20 Committee-of-the-Whole Report



Second Reading  April 17, 2018 2018-04-17-Regular-Council-Meeting-Agenda 2nd Reading Report
Public Hearing Date  May 23, 2018
7pm at the
Gibsons Legion
 Public Hearing Notice
Third Reading
Application to MoTI for Sign Off
Adoption of Zoning Bylaw

Location of Block 7 with the context of the OCP’s long term Land Use Plan



Proposed Concept Plan
Three key planning principles have been used to develop the proposed Concept Plan:

  1. Protection of Green Space – This includes protecting the Gospel Rock at the waterfront and the upper bench destination viewpoints; Cross Rock and Little Africa
  2. Park Connection – The Master Plan proposes a “greenlane” to preserve and enhance the existing trail to Cross Rock. This will create a pedestrian connection between the village and lookout park at Cross Rock
  3. Activation of the Village – The Master Plan proposes to include a mix of appropriate and neighbourhood scaled commercial uses, as well as market rental housing to create a small but lively neighbourhood centre. The applicant have suggested that the design character for the residential uses would emphasize ground orientated housing types, with the majority taking the form of townhomes and single family.


Phased Development
The applicant propose a total of 360 homes on the property, developed in four (4) stages. The homes would be divided between single-family, townhomes and apartments and would include a portion of market rental units during the first three phases of build out.

Phase 1 would be focused on the development of the Village Green in the neighbourhood centre (intersection of the High Street and greenlane), and amenities including the greenlane, majority of road network, all the proposed single family and a third of the proposed apartments.


Requested Zoning 

The applicant is looking to rezone the property to Comprehensive Development Area 4 – which will have 11 subareas. These can be seen in the map.

The subareas are based on Town-wide zoning with some specific regulations to the Gospel Rock site, please see the CDA-4 Bylaw for more details.

The Planning Department note that 23.23 (approximately 49%) of the 47 acres is proposed as Parks, Recreation and Open Space zone. This includes the three view points, all of the waterfront area, most of the steep and environmentally sensitive forested slopes and the “greenlane” to the neighbourhood centre. Some of the green space areas would be dedicated to the Town, other areas would be protected through restrictive covenants or through partnering with a conservation organization.

The short-term approach for managing traffic flow within the Gospel Rock neighbourhood intends to use Chaster Road as the primary road system up to 250 dwellings as per the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan. Emergency access will be from Rosamond Road; there will be a gate at the end of Rosamond Road to prevent through traffic from Block 7. Trails will connect pedestrians (and possibly cyclists) to Gower Point Road and Lower Gibsons.

The traffic study is currently under review by Town staff, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Sunshine Regional District.

The proposal’s draft traffic study outlines the need to upgrade Chaster Road to accommodate the traffic resulting from the development.

The traffic study reviewed whether the road network to Highway 101 would be able to handle the traffic generated from the Block 7 proposal. The report states that the intersection of Pratt Road and Highway 101 / Gibsons Way would experience congestion by 2031 due to infill development in Area E, regardless of the proposed new development at Block 7.

Roads in the Sunshine Coast Regional District are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, to their standards. The Town of Gibsons, the Sunshine Coast Regional District and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are working together to identify and address future traffic flow needs.

For more information: Gospel Rock Village – Block 7 – Backgrounder/FAQs – Transportation Infrastructure