EagleView Heights

Current Status

November 20, 2018: A DPA9 permit has been issued for the EagleView development to allow drilling for the purposes of completing a geotechnical investigation. A second DPA9 permit has been issued to permit the construction of a stormwater management and siltation control pond. Professionals are currently on site completing these permitted works.

Background information

In March 2017, the Town received an Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Amendment application to request permission to build 100 units in apartment buildings.

In July 2017, Council requested that the developer revise the design to reduce the scope and fit within the OCP.

In December 2017, the Town received revised plans, within the scope of the OCP.

In June 2018, Council adopted the Bylaw to permit an 87–unit residential development as shown in the site plan below.

Below is a table of process and staff reports pertaining to the development application.

Process Date Accompanying documents
Pre-application Advisory Planning Commission December 2016 2016-12-16 APC Minutes
Applicant’s Information Meeting / Workshop March 1, 2017
Submission of Application March 21, 2017 Application Summary
Referral to internal and external agencies March 31, 2017
Application to Advisory Planning Commission May 19, 2017 Minutes of May 19, 2017
Staff report to Council July 26, 2017 Staff Report July 26, 2017
Attachment 1: Proposal Summary APC
Attachment 2: Drawings and Elevations
2.1 Upper Bench – after APC
2.2 Lower bench – after APC
2.3 Entry Option 1
2.4 Entry Option2
2.5 Abbs Road Visualizations
Attachment 3: Form and Character for APC
Attachment 4: 2017-05-19 APC Minutes
Attachment 5: 2016-12-16 APC Minutes
Attachment 6: Open House
6.1 Invitation
6.2 Exit Survey example
Council Minutes July 26, 2017
Revised drawings submitted  December 4, 2017 APC Drawing Package
 Revised internal and external referrals  December 11, 2017
 Revised referral to Advisory Planning Commission  December 15, 2017  Minutes of December 15, 2017
Staff report update to Council  January 23, 2018 Staff Report January 23, 2018
Attachment 1: Drawings and Elevations dated December 4, 2017
Attachment 2: December 15, 2017 APC Minutes
Attachment 3: Traffic Study
3D Model Video
 Public Information Meeting  January 30, 2018
 First reading of the Bylaw March 6, 2018 (Committee)

March 20, 2018 (Council)

Staff Report March 6, 2018

Staff Report March 20, 2018

Staff report with Review of Affordable Housing/Community Amenities

Second reading of the Bylaw

Set date for Public Hearing

 April 17, 2018 (Council) Staff Report April 17, 2018
 Public Hearing  May 9, 2018
7pm at the
Gibsons Legion
Public Hearing Notice
Staff Report May 22, 2018
 Third Reading Bylaw 1065-41 for Third Reading
 Registration of Covenants
 Adoption of Bylaws Bylaw 1065-41 for Adoption
 Authorization of Development Permit for Form and Character Staff Report July 10, 2018