Gospel Rock DP Area No. 10

Official Community Plan (OCP) Policy 3.4.11 in the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan (GRNP) provides direction on the timing of establishing new form and character design guidelines as a Development Permit Area (DPA) for commercial development.

Since receipt of the Gospel Rock Village Zoning Amendment Bylaw application which incorporates a commercial and mixed land use provision with multifamily residential, the Town has initiated developing DPA design guidelines in conjunction with the rezoning application.

Rather than applying two different form and character DPA guidelines (DPA No. 4/8 and a new DPA), one new DPA for commercial and multi-family development in the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan area is proposed.

Below are staff reports on the initiative to date.

ProcessDateAccompanying documents
Council's decision to develop new design guidelinesMarch 6, 2018Council Resolution R2018-046
Staff Report to APCJune 15, 2018Staff Report
Staff Report to Committee of the WholeJune 19, 2018Staff Report (bylaw attached)
Bylaw for Council - 1st ReadingJune 19, 2018
Staff Report to Council
Bylaw for Council - 2nd Reading
July 10, 2018Staff Report (bylaw attached)
Public HearingJuly 24, 2018Notice of Public Hearing
3rd ReadingJuly 24, 2018
AdoptionJuly 24, 2018