Garbage and Organics Collection

Within the Town of Gibsons, Waste Management Canada picks up organic waste once per week and household garbage every other week. Use the Gibsons Waste Collection tool (below) to learn which zone you live in, see when your collection days are, sign up for collection reminders, report a missed collection and much more!

For more information about our new Organics Curbside Collection program click here.

If your household garbage pick-up was missed please contact Waste Management Canada at 1-800-774-9748. Only one garbage container per household is permitted, which must be placed curbside by 8:00 a.m. on your pick up day. NO garbage pick up on Christmas Day.

Permitted Garbage Containers
Each household is permitted one waterproof container of heavy plastic or light weight galvanized sheeting with a close fitting lid and a maximum capacity of 98 litres. The maximum permitted weight when filled with garbage is 20 kilograms. Plastic bags are not allowed; all garbage must be in wildlife resistant containers. The Town bylaw also stipulates that garbage containers must not be placed at the curb prior to 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day, in an effort to minimize wildlife conflicts.

Garbage Tags for Excess Garbage 
The Town sells garbage tags for those who live in the Town. Garbage tags may be used by residents to ensure collection of garbage in excess of the weekly limit. The tags may be purchased for $3.00 each at the Town of Gibsons office, 474 South Fletcher Road. Please be advised that drivers will not accept cash.

A reminder that Bylaw No 1252 defines collectible garbage as garbage capable of being contained in a Wildlife Resistant Container, but shall not include the following:

  • collectible organics
  • grass cuttings
  • tree or hedge clippings or other garden refuse
  • hazardous (including pathogenic and radioactive wastes)
  • explosive or flammable substances
  • chemicals which may create hazardous working conditions
  • material hot enough to start combustion
  • waste oil or petroleum by-products
  • paint, tires, lumber, demolition materials, rocks, gravel or soil, stumps or timber
  • fish feed bags
  • batteries
  • undigested septic sludge

SCRD Depots Recycling Guide – wondering what you can recycle? Refer to this chart to see which materials are acceptable at the SCRD’s three recycling depots.

Waste Reduction Tips
Waste prevention is the most effective way to reduce garbage. If each of us makes small changes to our purchasing and disposal habits, we can greatly reduce the amount of waste we create.