Gibsons Connector 2021

Project Overview

In keeping with its long-term vision to improve our pedestrian and cycling network, the Town has now completed the connector route between Upper Gibsons and Lower Gibsons.

In 2018, a low gradient, multi-use pathway was constructed along one section of Gibsons Way, as well as an at-grade bike lane and separated sidewalk along another section, to create a connector between Lower Gibsons and Upper Gibsons. (See red arrows on map, right.)

In 2021, we completed the connector project by constructing a downhill bike lane between School Road and North Fletcher Road (as indicated by the yellow arrows) and modifying North Fletcher so that it is more accessible for all user groups (green arrows).

This provides cyclists with a more gentle route when riding from Upper Gibsons to Lower Gibsons (as compared to using School Road).

North Fletcher Road

The final phase of the Town’s Connector project was bringing North Fletcher up to the Town’s current Local Road standard. This “meandering road” standard features gentle curves, wide flat concrete curbs and a narrower paved surface, which act to naturally slow down vehicles. This makes the road more comfortable for all users, including pedestrians and cyclists. (See below for conceptual drawing and photos of meandering roads within the Town.)

Additionally, the posted speed limit for North Fletcher Road will be dropped from 50km/h to 30km/h and posted as “No Trucks”, to further address consistent feedback regarding vehicles which travel too fast on the street.

The diagram below shows the revised North Fletcher/School Road intersection, which have been designed to increase protections for pedestrians and cyclists, and slow vehicular traffic. While not shown on the drawing, the sidewalk on School Road has been extended from North Fletcher to join the existing sidewalk leading to Lower Gibsons.


A meandering road features gentle curves, wide, flat curbs and a narrower paved surface, which act to naturally slow down vehicles. (As seen in Aurora Way neighbourhood.)
Meandering road – Parkland
Meandering road – Parkland