Prowse Road Lift Station Upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions
What does the lift station do?

The Prowse Road Lift Station is a significant infrastructure component of the Town’s sanitary collection system, providing service for roughly 40% of Gibsons’ sanitary flows. Sewage from the eastern portion of the Town that cannot drain by gravity directly to the wastewater treatment plant drains to the Prowse Road Lift Station, and is then pumped via a force main to the wastewater plant for treatment.

Why are the upgrades required?

Constructed in 1972, the Prowse Road Lift Station is a very old (and essential) infrastructure asset that requires critical upgrades in order to keep working reliably. In the case of a catastrophic failure, the Town would require 5 pump trucks to keep up with outflow from the station, in order to prevent sewage from entering Gibsons Harbour.

How much is it going to cost? And where will the money come from?

Upgrades to the lift station have been budgeted at approximately $1.73 million. There is no capital reserve in place for these upgrades and staff has pursued grant funding for the project, but has not been successful. Accordingly, the Town will need to borrow the money necessary to finance this project.

What is the anticipated timing of this project?

Design of the improvements, budgeted at $54,000, is largely complete. Before it may borrow the required capital, the Town must administer an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) which normally takes between four and six months. Construction of the upgrades would begin soon after that.

As construction at the lift station requires relatively dry ground, the Town’s goal is to start the project by early fall 2019.

What is the long-term management plan for the Prowse Road Lift Station?

There are three phases of construction planned for the next several years.

  • Phase 1 – short-term upgrades to address the station’s condition and capacity. It is estimated that these improvements will address the needs of the Town for the next 15 years.
  • Phase 2 – replacement of the force main between Gower Point Road and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. A recommended date for this work will be known once Phase 1 is complete.
  • Phase 3 – complete replacement of the lift station sometime around 2035.