Prowse Road Lift Station - Town of Gibsons

May 2021: Inside the Prowse Road Lift Station.

First constructed in 1972, the Prowse Road Lift Station is a significant component of the Town’s sanitary collection system, providing service for roughly 40% of Gibsons’ sanitary flows.

Sewage from the eastern portion of the Town, which cannot drain by gravity directly to the wastewater treatment plant, drains to the Prowse Road Lift Station, and is then pumped via a force main to the wastewater plant for treatment.

Prowse Road Lift Station Commissioned

In May 2021, the Town of Gibsons completed a number of significant upgrades to the Prowse Road lift station, which included replacing corroded pipes, improving the wet well and updating valves and electrical components.

In addition to significantly reducing the risk of equipment failure, which could have resulted in sewage overflows into the ocean, these upgrades are expected to help the lift station better sustain extreme weather events, which have become more common in recent years.

They also work, in tandem with a recent capacity upgrade at the Town’s wastewater treatment plant, to greatly reduce operations and maintenance costs.

The project was budgeted at approximately $1.76 million and is expected to come in close to those costs.


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Upgrade Timeline – 2007 to 2019

The following is a complete timeline of the Prowse Road Lift Station upgrade project, with all relevant reports provided as links.

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Alternate Approval Process: June 2019

The following is a complete timeline of the Alternate Approval Process which was undertaken in June 2019 in order to gain approval to borrow money to fund this project.

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