The Town of Gibsons provides pure, untreated water to approximately three-quarters of its population, direct from its own wells.

“We’re proud of our water system and aquifer and feel highly motivated to protect it. We’ve designed our policies and infrastructure with a strong conservation goal in mind, yet we also need our community members to recognize the important role they play in determining our rate of water usage.”
… Mayor Wayne Rowe

The Town’s Asset Management Plan, currently being updated, will include the costs and timelines for the implementation of the recommendations from the Aquifer Mapping Study.

When considering asset management, the groundwater supply is treated the same as any other water asset and funded accordingly. In 2013 water rates were increased by 15% over 2012 rates and rate adjustments are foreseen for the next few years to reach the required amount of revenue needed to adequately fund the water utility. The Gibsons Aquifer is the foundational natural water asset that the community must protect, manage and operate.

Gibsons Aquifer gets International Attention
Due to the proactive approach the Town takes towards aquifer mapping and monitoring, the Gibsons Aquifer is receiving attention from the international groundwater community. The Town’s Aquifer Mapping Study came to the attention of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto in early 2012. The Program of Water Issues at the school invited the Director of Engineering, Dave Newman, to join a panel discussion at the June 25th, 2013 Conference: Underground Intelligence: The need to map, monitor, and manage Canada’s groundwater resources in an era of drought and climate change.

The Town received an amazing amount of recognition at the event being one of the few good news stories in the face of some very sobering facts about the state of groundwater management in North America. For more information visit the Program on Water Issues website.