Charman Creek Lands

The 13-hectare Charman Creek Lands are located between the end of Shaw Road in Upper Gibsons and Stewart Road in Lower Gibsons.

In July 2019, the Town of Gibsons’ Council was presented with a petition requesting that the Charman Creek Lands be designated as a park.

In September 2020, a second petition was presented to Council requesting that the lands be protected “in perpetuity.”

In both cases, Council indicated that they were supportive of the requests.

Currently, the Charman Creek Lands (and Arrowhead Park) are being assessed under the umbrella of the Town’s Source to Sea (S2S) Project as the soils and trees in both areas provide stormwater functions. (See Charman Creek Assessment for more information.)

The data gathered for the S2S project will enable staff and Council to better make an informed decision regarding the future use of these forested areas.

Once the relevant information is in hand, staff will report to Council on the merits and shortfalls of certain forms of protection, including by covenant, park designation, National Healing Forest or status quo.