Gower Point Road – Traffic Calming - Town of Gibsons

Current Status

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on July 6, 2021, Dave Newman, the Town’s Director of Infrastructure Services, reported to Council on feedback received from the public on the proposed traffic-calming measures for Gower Point Road.

Additionally, he presented the traffic-calming elements proposed for consideration by the developer’s traffic consultant. These include:

  • Centre line rumble strips (modest impact)
  • Single lane segment (noticeable impact)
  • Safety fence (modest impact, primarily affecting northbound traffic)
  • West side curb (modest impact)
  • Textured road surface (modest impact)
  • Bike refuges, which would allow cyclists to pause and allow traffic to pass

Read related 07-06-2021 Staff Report here.

The intent of the traffic-calming design is to accommodate a maximum vehicle speed of 30km/h, due to adjacent land uses (Gospel Rock viewpoint) and to improve safety for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

At the regular Council Meeting on July 6, 2021, Council resolved that the developer at the Gospel Rock site be authorized to proceed with the final design of the Gower Point Road traffic calming project and that four other traffic calming design options (such as traffic lights) and their estimated costs be returned to Council for review.

At the regular Council Meeting on January 11, 2022, Dave Newman informed Council that the two traffic-calming options which included traffic signals had been determined to be unfeasible by the Town’s engineering consultant. As a result, two options are still being explored: making Gower Point Road a one-way street between Franklin Road and Secret Beach, or closing that section of road entirely.

A report analyzing the overall impact on traffic of those options will be brought forward to Council during the 2022 Budget process.

Project History

As part of the rezoning process for Block 7 in the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Area, a Development Agreement was registered on title. The Development Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the development, including a requirement by the developer to construct a road service and adjacent multi-use path on the portion of Gower Point Road running from Franklin Road to the Town of Gibsons – Sunshine Coast Regional District boundary.

According to the agreement, the road must include traffic-calming elements, road alignment or other design features to facilitate a maximum speed of 30km/hr, with a focus on safety for cyclists.

The Developer has engaged a civil engineer and a traffic consultant to provide options and recommendations for traffic calming on this section of Gower Point Road.

View the consultant’s report here.

View the engineer’s Traffic Calming Worksheets here.

On June 15, 2021, staff presented the proposed improvements to the Committee of the Whole meeting for information and comment.

Read the related June 15, 2021 Staff Report here.

See a video clip of the presentation to Council here.

Additionally, an online community meeting was held on Monday, June 21st, where information on the proposed changes to the road was presented and audience feedback collected.

View a video recording of the online community meeting here.

View a summary of comments from the community meeting here.