Home Owner Grant

Effective 2021, all homeowner grant applications must be submitted directly to the BC provincial government through a secure online application.

Municipalities must no longer accept any homeowner grant applications.

When can BC homeowners apply for their homeowner grant?

Homeowners may now apply for their current year* or retroactive homeowner grants online at:


If you would prefer to apply for your homeowner grant over the phone, please call the contact centre and speak with an agent, toll-free at:


*Please note that while you may apply for your 2021 homeowner grant beginning February 16, 2021, the application will not be processed until taxes are levied in May 2021.

 Where can BC homeowners find more information about this change?

Beginning immediately, homeowners can learn more about this change by going to the website, or calling the phone number, as shown above.

Homeowners may also subscribe to receive updates on centralization of the BC Homeowner Grant at: gov.bc.ca/homeownergrant