Building Inspection

Building Inspection services ensure the quality of life for Gibsons’ citizens is maintained by regulating all construction within the Town. This is achieved through the use of the Building and Plumbing Bylaw, the British Columbia Building Code (subscription needed), the British Columbia Fire Code (subscription needed) and other related bylaws and enactments within the Town of Gibsons.

Application Fees

Please refer to Rates Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 1196 for a schedule of the rates, fees and charges for municipal services.

**The building application fee is required upon receipt of application. Final permit fee is required upon permit issuance.**

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Effective December  2014, applications for Building Permits must comply with  provincial requirements for energy efficiency in housing, small commercial and industrial buildings. The building envelope requirements vary depending on your location. New BC Building Code requirements were also added relating to the energy efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and service water heating (SWH). For building applications this means that additional written materials regarding energy efficiency are required. The links below offer further information.

This brochure summarizes the new Energy Efficiencies requirements that came into effect in December of 2014.The list below summarizes various energy related topics with a reference to the relevant section of the BC Building Code:

  • Compliance and Application (
  • Building Envelope (9.36.2)
  • Thermal Characteristics of Building Assemblies ( –
  • Windows, doors and skylights (
  • Airtightness (
  • Construction of Air Barrier Details (
  • Trade off options for above ground Building Envelope Components and Assemblies (
  • HVAC and Service Water Heating Requirements (9.36.3 to 9.36.4)
Day-to-day Building Inspection services include:
  • processing applications and issuing a variety of permits covering building moving, building demolition, building construction, plumbing, heating, fire sprinklers, swimming pool installations, and woodstove and fireplace installations
  • conducting inspections for compliance with the minimum health and safety requirements contained in related construction codes and bylaws
  • investigating complaints relating to unauthorized construction, unsafe conditions and violations of related Town of Gibsons bylaws
  • maintaining a well-trained, courteous and responsive staff to effectively screen and process construction applications and preliminary proposals
  • acting as a forum for discussion and consultation for local builders, developers, home owners and others involved in the construction industry
  • maintaining records of construction projects undertaken within the Town and review proposed equivalents to determine if they will provide a level of performance at least equal to the standard required by the British Columbia Building Code

If you are an Owner-Contractor, you will be held responsible to ensure that all requirements are met under the Building Codes and Bylaws. This means undertaking and securing the written reports and field inspection reports for professionals you may be required to retain for the work on-site. Avoid delays in construction by ensuring you completely understand this responsibility before proceeding.

Building Without Permits

Building without a permit can result in a doubling of the Permit Fees. Finishing or refinishing on houses, i.e. painting, wallpaper, paneling, trim work, re-roofing, etc. do not require permits. An accessory building, with less than 10 sq. metres (108 sq. ft.) in floor area, may not require a building permit, but a plan should be submitted showing its site location.


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