Water Rates

Water usage is metered within the Town of Gibsons, with details set out in the 1280-2020 Water-Parcel-Tax-Bylaw and rates set out in Schedule B of the Rates, Fees and Charges Bylaw. Metering encourages conservation and ensures that users pay a fair share towards maintenance of the system. All water rates are applied against costs to operate and maintain the water distribution system.

Effective April 1, 2020 water user fees and parcel taxes increased overall by 5%. As part of this increase, Council continues to take steps toward rate equity to ensure that water costs are fairly shared between customer types: single family, multi-family, commercial. As a result, the impact of the 5% overall rate increase will be different for each customer category. To see how this will affect you, and for more information on water rates, please see our Water Infrastructure FAQs and the 2021 Water and Sanitary Sewer Long-Term Plans.

Water leak adjustments will be considered for leaks in the main underground water line(s) between the water meter and building(s) only. Adjustments are no longer made for leaks relating to internal plumbing systems, fixtures, irrigation, pools, etc. Please refer to Water Regulation Bylaw 1192 for further details.

Please follow these links for answers to questions about water supply and distribution, water meters, or water conservation.