Conservation - Town of Gibsons

Gibsons’ monitoring program continues to show that our water supply is in good health and can easily meet our average daily demands. The community has made great strides with water conservation over the last several years. 

Since water demand significantly increases during the dryer months, conservation regulations are in place to help stabilize our water use throughout the year. This is to ensure that there is ample water readily available for firefighting emergencies, that we adhere to our licensed water allocation, optimize our pumping and well capacities, and alleviate strain on both our infrastructure and the environment.

Here are some reasons to conserve water:

To protect the environment

Conserving water is crucial for safeguarding the aquifer by reducing pressure on the system. Conservation also plays a vital role in preserving natural habitats, protecting biodiversity, and preventing habitat loss.

It’s Responsible

We conserve water in order to be responsible stewards of and to raise awareness of a valuable natural asset, i.e. Aquifer 560. Water Conservation benefits the whole community now and for future generations.

For the economic benefits

Water pipes, reservoirs, pumps and other parts of the Town’s water distribution system must be sized appropriately for the Maximum Daily Demand. If we reduce the Maximum Daily Demand through conservation we also reduce the required size of various components of our water system. If we can use smaller components that cost less, we save money.

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