Gibsons District Energy Utility (Parkland) - Town of Gibsons

The Gibsons District Energy Utility (GDEU) utilizes renewable energy in the form of heat from the earth to warm and cool connected homes. The system consists of infrastructure owned and operated by the Town (pumphouse, distribution lines, geo-energy fields, service connections) and privately owned heat pumps.

In 2020, Gibsons’ Council made the decision to decommission the utility over a three-year period. Property owners will be compensated for the remaining life of their heat pumps as at September 30, 2023 (the final day of operation for the utility.)

As of September 30, 2021, 43 homes had been disconnected from the GDEU and 15 homes remained connected.

Details about the decommissioning may be found in these documents:

2020-06-08 Letter to Parkland Residents re) GDEU Decommissioning

2020-06-08 GDEU Decommissioning-Consultants Report

Parkland District Energy System Updates: