Documents and Publications

The Town creates, commissions and distributes a wide range of documents. Below is a list of the most frequently accessed and requested documents. If you do not see what you are looking for, please let us know and we will assist you in getting that.

Visit our CivicWeb Portal for Agendas, Minutes, Bylaws, Policies, Master Plans and Studies. For other documents click the links below.

Annual Reports
The Annual Report provides an overview of the Town’s Departments, their activities for the previous year and a look at the upcoming projects for the current year.


Economic Development Strategy and Action Framework
This framework. adopted November 5, 2013, provides a flexible structure for identifying what economic activities might be of benefit to Gibsons, reporting achievements, and evaluating the effectiveness of particular strategies.

Financial Reporting
Each year council reviews the priorities and goals for the upcoming year and directs staff to prepare a comprehensive Five-Year Financial Plan, as required by the Community Charter.
The Five-Year Financial Plan reflects the Town’s continuing effort to provide quality of service in daily operations and local governance consistent with the priorities and strategies identified in the Strategic Plan.

The Town does not currently have an online mapping system. We have provided a few of the most frequently requested Maps for the Gibsons area below as well as links to the Sunshine Coast Regional District Online Mapping program.

Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan, which is updated annually, guides strategic decision-making within the organization over the coming years.