Walk on Water Interpretive Tour - Town of Gibsons

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This tour can be started at whichever site you choose (click the links below to see the location on Google Maps). To move from your current site to the next site, follow these directions:

  • To move from Dougall Park to Gibsons Public Market Garden 

    Turn left onto Gower Point Road (which turns into Prowse Road).  Cross through the Dougall Road and Bay Road intersections, and continue walking towards the Gibsons Marina. Turn left at the Sea Walk, and walk towards the Gibsons Public Market garden, where you will find the sign.

  • To move from Gibsons Public Market Garden to The Pier

    Walk North (toward Lower Gibsons) along the Sea Walk and then turn left onto Winn Road until it connects with Gower Point Road. Turn right and follow Gower Point Road until you reach Winegarden Park.  Follow the trail down to the Sea Walk and continue walking past Smitty’s Oyster Bar until you find yourself below Gramma’s Pub and at the dock. Take the ramp on your right onto the Gibsons Government Dock. Walk past the bathrooms and giftshop to enter the promenade. Walk towards toward the end of The Pier and and you will find the next sign along the way.

  • To move from The Pier to the Sea Walk

    Retrace your steps, down from the Pier back onto the Sea Walk.  Turn right and continue walking for about 250 metres.  You will find the sign on your left.

  • To move from the Sea Walk to the Statue of George Gibsons

    Continue walking along the Sea Walk until you reach Armours Beach.  Walk up the steps to Marine Drive and turn left.  Walk along Marine Drive, past The Black Bean Cafe, Fongs Store, and Theo’s Hair Salon, until you reach the Statue of George Gibsons.

  • To move from the Statue of George Gibsons to the Fountain at Gower Point Road 

    Turn right onto School Road and then left onto Gower Point Road.  Follow Gower Point Road on the North side of the street. You will walk past Mike’s Place, Sandy’s Bakery, and Peggy Sue’s children’s clothing store before you see the sign located next to the Aquifer Outflow.

  • To move from the Fountain at Gower Point Road to The Pump House 

    Continue walking along Gower Point Road until you reach the Winn Road intersection. Beside the pond below the library, you will see The Pump House, where you will find your next sign.

  • To move from The Pump House to Dougall Park  

    Walk across Winn Road and continue west past the Post Office following Gower Point Road until you reach the Gibsons Public Market at Prowse Road. Turn right and walk up the hill on Prowse Road until you reach Dougall Park. Here you will find the next sign located in the Southwest corner of the park (before the tennis courts).

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