2023-2027 Strategic Plan & Progress Tracking - Town of Gibsons

The Town of Gibsons Council and staff, with input from the community, developed the 2023-2027 Strategic Plan to serve as a framework to guide their work and the decision-making process over the next four years. The plan outlines Council’s top priorities and vision to strive for a community that works for everyone and is the best place it can be.

The plan identifies four Strategic Priorities: Leadership, Liveability, Affordability and Natural Assets

With the priorities in mind, the plan lays out 10 goals and several action items outlined in order to achieve them. Four Guiding Principles/Lenses will underpin and inform all actions to ensure a unified and principled approach towards achieving the objectives.

Click an images below to view a PDF of the full plan or overview.


Strategic Plan


Tracking our Progress

Click on each of the Strategic Priorities below to see the Goals and action items we are actively working towards. 




Natural Assets