Business Licences - Town of Gibsons

The Town of Gibsons is committed to attracting new business and retaining existing businesses in the Town to foster economic stability and growth for the community. If you conduct business within the Town of Gibsons for gain or profit, you are required to have a valid Town of Gibsons Business Licence.

Apply for a Business Licence

  1. Complete the Business License Application Form and the Supplemental Checklist and bring them to Town Hall, fax to 604.886.9735, or email to (The supplemental checklist is not required for mobile vendors).
  2. Staff will then review your application to make sure it is complete. The approvals required will depend on the type of business and the Town’s zoning requirements.
  3. Once all approvals are in place you will be contacted to pay for your Business Licence, usually within two business days.

Business Licence fees are charged annually and can vary depending on the type of business. Fees are non-refundable once a licence has been approved and issued.

Business licences must be renewed annually. Renew your licence before December 31st and receive a 10% discount.

Renew a Business Licence

a) Pay in person at Town Hall by cash, cheque or debit.
b) Pay online using OptionPay. Please note, that  there is a service fee to use the service.
c) Mail a cheque to Town Hall.

Has your address or phone number changed?
Complete the Business Licence Change Form if you have any changes to your business address, mailing address or phone number. If a business is moving to a new location, a building permit may be required to confirm the type of business is approved within that space. Please complete a Business License Application Checklist as part of the Business License Change and reach out to the Building Department with any questions.

Types of Business Licences

Resident Businesses are businesses that have a permanent location in Gibsons. These businesses operate from offices, retail locations, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and home based.

Non-Resident Businesses are businesses that operate in Gibsons on a temporary basis. These businesses include building trades contractors and mobile businesses that have no fixed address in the Town of Gibsons.

Inter-Community Businesses are businesses that service more than one community on the Sunshine Coast by moving from client to client rather than having a client come to a fixed place of business. Inter-Community licences allow these types of mobile businesses to conduct business in the Town of Gibsons, the District of Sechelt and/or Sechelt Indian Band. This program enables businesses to pay for one licence and no longer requires them to purchase licences in multiple jurisdictions. Please check the inter-community box on the business licence application form to register for this program.

Home-Based Business: The Town of Gibsons supports the establishment of appropriate home-based businesses in residential zones. Please refer to the Zoning Bylaw 1065 for permitted home-based businesses, which can be found in E-Resources on our Civicweb Portal:

Important Zoning Information

Prior to opening a business you need to determine if the zoning of the proposed business property is suitable for the type of business you are planning. To verify zoning, view the Zoning Bylaw or contact the Planning Department at 604-886-2274.

Business Licence Approvals
Building Inspection
Before your licence can be issued, a Building Inspector and/or a Fire Inspector, may conduct a site inspection. The Building Inspector will arrange a date and time with you. It is important to note that you may be required to apply for, and receive, a building permit for any modifications required to accommodate your business.
Fire Department Inspection

This inspection ensures that your business premise complies with the Fire Prevention Regulations. Compliance helps to protect lives, property and equipment investments.

Every business in our community is required to operate in accordance with Town Bylaws, BC Fire Code Regulations and the Fire Services Act. For more information on the Fire Department Inspection call 604-885-6870.

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Approval
Establishments selling food, alcohol and/or cigarettes, beer and wine stores, daycares and beauty services require approval from the Sechelt Health Inspector.