Pebbles Beach Restoration

Why is the Pebbles Beach access closed? 
In early February 2020, there was some land slippage at two properties on Franklin Road which overlook Pebbles Beach. As a result, we are currently restricting access to Pebbles Beach for safety reasons.

How is the situation being managed?
A geotechnical engineer has been retained by one of the affected property owners to provide advice on how to proceed. While addressing the slippage does not fall within Town jurisdiction, the engineer will keep the Town apprised of planned fixes. Additionally, stabilization of Town lands and reconstruction of the beach stairway had been previously planned. A related budget item will be brought to Council for consideration as part of the 2020 budgeting process and financial plan.

When will the beach access be open again?
Until the situation has been fully assessed, it is difficult to know exactly what work will be required or how long it might take.

Please check back here for future updates.