Planned Capital Projects

What Is a Capital Project?

A capital project is a long-term, capital-intensive investment project with a purpose to build upon, add to, or improve a capital asset. Capital projects are defined by their large scale and large cost relative to other investments that involve less planning and resources.

In the Town of Gibsons, a capital project usually refers to a cost-intensive initiative that will improve the value and service capacity of our infrastructure (e.g. the Whitetower Pond upgrade), or help us maintain our infrastructure (e.g. the purchase of a new dump truck).

Sanitary Sewer Capital Projects – 2022

For 2022, $356,000 has been budgeted for sanitary projects, with $174,000 of that related to completing strategic updates at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Other projects include data collection improvements and operational improvements at the waste water treatment plant.

To view a complete spreadsheet of planned 2022 Sanitary Projects, please click here.

To view a complete spreadsheet of planned Sanitary Projects 2022 – 2026, please click here.

Water Capital Projects – 2022

For 2022, $2.202 million has been budgeted for water projects, with $1.623 million of that related to adding Well #6 to the Town’s water infrastructure. Other planned projects include a watermain replacement ($348,000), improvements at Well #3 Pumphouse ($76,000) and completing the update of the Aquifer Mapping Study ($35,000).

To view a complete spreadsheet of planned 2022 Water Projects, please click here.

To view a complete spreadsheet of planned Water Projects 2022 – 2026, please click here.

General Capital Projects – 2021

The 5-Year General Capital/Project Plan for 2022 to 2026 is scheduled to be presented on March 15, 2022.

To read the Staff Report, which presents an overview of all the capital projects planned for 2021 and beyond, click here: Draft 2021 to 2025 5-Year General Capital/Project Plan.

The 2021 General Capital Plan, totalling $3.029 million, includes the following significant projects:

  • White Tower Stormwater Pond construction – ($955,000) – to construct an additional stormwater pond in White Tower Park. The expansion will enable the stormwater ponds to service 47.7 hectares of land and help address long-term erosion and water quality impacts of past development impacts on Charman Creek.
  • Gibsons Way Improvements ($442,000) – to construct a bike lane (including the necessary fill and sub-base structure) on the south side of Gibsons Way between School Road and North Fletcher Road, and to bring North Fletcher Road up to the Town’s Local Road standard.
  • Pavement Rehabilitation ($672,000) – typically, staff recommend a minimum annual budget of $300,000 be allocated for pavement rehabilitation. $280k of this year’s budgeted amount is a carryover from 2020, when COVID-19 contributed to many project delays. For more detail about the Town’s paving program and its approach to maintaining our roads, please click here.
  • Reed Road Multi-Use Path – West of Park ($125,000) – to extend the curb and path which will be constructed by the developers of Parkland Phase 4 to Park Road (rather than terminating mid-block). The Reed Road multi-use pathway has been included in a recent grant application as part of a larger program of pedestrian and cyclist improvements. If the Town is awarded this grant, the budgeted amount would decrease and the multi-use path would be extended all the way to North Road.
  • Gibsons District Energy Utility Decommissioning ($100,000) – In 2020, Gibsons’ Council made the decision to decommission the GDEU over a three-year period. Property owners will be compensated for the remaining life of their heat pumps as at September 30, 2023 (the final day of operation for the utility.)
  • Source to Sea Project ($85,000) – this project seeks to evaluate the natural assets that lie within the entire watershed of the Gibsons Aquifer. This is considered to be an ecologically relevant scale, as activity that impacts the natural assets within the watershed (but outside of Town boundaries) also impacts our community’s stormwater management, flood mitigation and drinking water services. Natural assets in the watershed area which will be assessed include forests, streams, creeks, wetlands, urban parks and the foreshore.

To view a spreadsheet of planned 2021 General Capital Projects, click here.

To view a spreadsheet of proposed 2021 – 2025 General Capital Projects, click here.