Active Transportation Network Upgrades - Town of Gibsons

Project Overview

On March 29, 2021, the Province of BC announced that the Town of Gibsons was one of 14 communities to benefit from a $9.2 million investment to support tourism infrastructure development. The grant was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport and was offered to communities that rely heavily on visitors for their economic health.

The Town received $675,000, which will be used to complete safe, continuous links between the tourism centres of Lower Gibsons and Upper Gibsons.

The network improvements will also include directional signage to beaches, key trailheads, public toilets, and bike charging stations, as well as eight short-term bike parking locations to be installed throughout the community.

At the time of the grant announcement, the Town’s planned improvement locations included:

Glassford Road

Completed:  In July 2023, the implementation of four speedbumps, 30 km/h speed limit and ‘Local Traffic Only’ signs, and bike symbols painted on the road was completed.

Planned: Future updates may include a trial closure of Glassford near Franklin, where we may link into planned Gower Point Road improvements to be completed by the developer of Gospel Rock. These improvements, along with lower vehicle speeds will create a pleasant atmosphere for cyclists. The road will provide a safe and comfortable connection to key cycling routes along the Sunshine Coast, popular seawalks, beaches, kayak rentals and the Gibsons Public Market. Click here for updates on the Glassford Road improvements.

Brothers Park

Planned: The gravel multi-use path which was recently completed by an adjacent developer will be extended through Brothers Park to connect cyclists and pedestrians to the community center and local shopping areas. This path will travel through a natural, wooded area and increase the accessibility to nature for walkers and cyclists.

Payne Road and Venture Way

Completed: Improvements at this location include 230m of painted-on street cycling facilities, 130m of paved and 140m of gravel multi-use path. These improvements address three small network gaps, allowing visitors and residents to travel safely from Gibsons Way to Reed Road. A painted on-street cycle path completed at Venture Way/Gibsons Way in summer 2021.

Planned: At the crossing of Payne Road and Venture Way, a painted crosswalk as well as a Rapid Flashing Beacon (flashing lights activated by a pedestrian or cyclist) will be installed.

Reed Road (Payne Road to Park Road)

Completed: In 2021, the paving of the Reed Road multi-use path from Payne Road to Park Road was completed. Click here for updates on the Reed Road improvements.

Planned: The resulting 170m gap will be closed via a paved multi-use path, which will allow cyclists and pedestrians a safe and comfortable connection to cycling facilities and public amenities along Park Road.

Marine Drive

Completed: In June 2023, pavement markings for cyclists and a curb bulge were added to the sidewalk across from Armours Beach and at the Jacks Lane intersection to control the speed of traffic traveling through the commercial corridor. 

Planned: Future work will include a welcome sign and directional signage to better inform those entering the community from the Ferry Terminal.