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Permits from other government agencies or organizations may be required in some circumstances. The following are some of the most common requirements:


Owner Builder Authorization – BC Housing

Before a building permit can be issued, an owner/builder declaration form or a licensed builder form must be submitted to the Building Department.
Apply for an Owner Builder Authorization (bchousing.org)
For information on which form must be submitted, call the BC Housing, Toll Free 1-800-407-7757, or (604) 646-7050, or visit the website at www.bchousing.org.

Electrical & Gas Permits

For electrical and gas permits, contact:
Technical Safety BC
Tel: 1 866 566 7233

Septic & Sewage Permits

Contact the Infrastructure Department for information regarding connections to sewers: infrastructure@gibsons.ca

Easements, Covenants & Building Schemes

Permit applicants must obtain any easements, covenants or building schemes registered against the property for submission to the Building Department.

Questions relating to property registration should be directed to the Land Titles Office New Westminster, BC Tel: (604) 660-2595. Alternatively, copies of these documents can be obtained from West Coast Land Title for a fee: Contact Us (wcts.com)

Call before you dig  – BC 1 Call

If you are planning to dig on or around your property, contact BC 1 Call to avoid damaging utilities and ensure it’s done safely. This applies to outdoor improvement projects, such as:

  • Installing posts for fences, mailboxes, realtor signs, welcome signs, etc.
  • Building decks, retaining walls, patios, and installing fire pits
  • Tree planting and digging a garden
  • Anchoring playground equipment
  • Installing In-driveway heating systems

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