Bylaw Enforcement - Town of Gibsons

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer administers, monitors, and seeks compliance with the bylaws enacted by Mayor and Council to regulate the affairs of the Town of Gibsons. 

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Matters are resolved as informally as possible. Our primary focus is always education and facilitating voluntary compliance wherever possible. However, compliance or enforcement based on education and warnings is not appropriate in all circumstances. More direct enforcement approaches, including immediate ticketing may occur.

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Bylaw Infractions and Complaints

To report bylaw infractions including barking dogs, noise, parking violations, commercial vehicle zoning violations, and unsightly properties contact the Bylaw Services Officer at 604-886-2274 or complete and submit a Bylaw-Complaint-Form.

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer will follow up on your report/complaint and will investigate as soon as possible. Please keep us apprised of whether a situation changes – for better or worse. If it is determined that a bylaw violation has occurred, the Officer will work with the violator to reach a resolution on the issue. As the complainant, you will be advised of the outcome.

Please note that you must identify yourself when making a complaint and that anonymous complaints will not be investigated. The identity of the complainant is always confidential, unless the complainant has agreed to be identified or unless an order has been made by the Provincial Freedom of Information Commissioner.