Roads & Sidewalks

On the week of December 5th, stop signs were temporarily installed on South Fletcher Road at Winn Road. The stops signs were installed with the intention of improving safety for the snow clearing crews, as there were concerns with how steep and slippery Winn Road can be. Although well intentioned, the stop signs were installed without proper communication and planning, and the signs were taken down later that week. To address the safety concern raised by the crew, flaggers will set up at the intersection of South Fletcher Road and Winn Road during road salting and plowing for the rest of the winter. Please proceed with caution at this intersection, and as always avoid travelling during poor driving conditions whenever possible.

Our Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and repairing all roads, lanes and sidewalks within the Town of Gibsons. This includes:

  • 36.5 kms paved road
  • 2.0 kms unpaved road
  • 15.3 kms hard surfaced sidewalk
  • 1.7 kms gravel surfaced sidewalk
  • ornamental street lighting
  • street signage

**The Town of Gibsons is NOT responsible for Highway 101, which passes through Gibsons. Highway 101 is maintained and repaired by the Province of BC –  Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. If you have a complaint or issue regarding Highway 101, please contact Capilano Highway Services at 604.983.2411. This number is monitored 24 hours a day and is the best number to call if there is an immediate road issue.