Winegarden Park Master Plan - Town of Gibsons

Winegarden Park The overall goal of the Winegarden Park Master Plan, which was developed in collaboration with the Winegarden Park Advisory Committee and Landscape Architect Pat Campbell, is to celebrate the views in the park and provide a performance area for events.

The volunteer Winegarden Park Advisory Committee explored options to integrate Winegarden Park with the proposed extension of the seawalk on the neighbouring George Hotel and Residences site, as well as improving accessibility and sea-level rise expectations.

It also reviewed the input from residents through an online survey, together with Landscape Architect Pat Campbell.

Finally, the Committee reviewed two initial concepts and based on the preference of the Committee, a proposed Draft Master Plan was developed.

The Winegarden Park Master Plan was endorsed on March 21, 2017 along with the following resolutions:

THAT the Winegarden Park Master Plan be approved as presented;

AND THAT the following design elements be incorporated into the Master Plan:

  1. main role as a performance park, with an improved performance stage
  2. provide year-round washrooms, with baby changing facilities
  3. retain views and open space within the park
  4. provide a functional play area for children
  5. include a water feature in the play area
  6. incorporate a Green Shores approach to the edge of the park;

AND THAT staff ensure that a performance area remains available throughout the duration of the George Hotel and Residences’ construction;

AND THAT the following Design Elements be prioritized in the order listed below, if items of the plan need to be phased for the Winegarden Master Plan:

  1. the waterfront walkway connection and Green Shores approach
  2. re-grading of the park and relocation/creation of a central performance area
  3. playground improvements with functioning water play feature and arbour
  4. eddies and gazebo;

AND THAT staff evaluate the cost of the Winegarden Park Master Plan and look further into funding partnerships / initiatives for various portions of the Plan;

AND FURTHER THAT staff make arrangements with the Developer of the George Hotel and Residences to ensure that as much work as possible on the park is completed in conjunction with necessary work on the George Hotel and Residences.