Cambria Logan - Town of Gibsons

Title: Forest Bench

Materials: Wood – reclaimed Cedar and Fir

Description: Wooden mural of a coastal forest scene with integrated seating bench and live greenery.

Location: Mahan Trailhead, foot of Mahan Road near Gibsons Way

Date: September 2022

Artist Statement:

I wanted “Forest Bench” to feel like an integral part of the forest and a welcome addition, rather than a foreign object plunked down on the trail. The bench component follows the gentle curves of the mural to soften the structural lines and nestle the mural more naturally into the surroundings. Native plants have been incorporated around and within the mural to further connect the piece with the forest and create a fun and peaceful location to rest. Relax, listen to the sounds of the forest, and enjoy your time on the trail.

Artist Bio:

I grew up on the coast and am fortunate enough to be living in Roberts Creek while pursuing my two passions – art and engineering. Some may see these as two opposite fields, but I feel they complement each other – with engineering precision influencing the crisp lines and forms of my art. I work primarily with ink and acrylic, drawing minimalist black and white coastal scenes, but am eager to become involved in public art and bring more of my engineering background into my art practice.

Artist link:  Instagram @Cambria.Logan