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An Open House to present the most current concept for the Charman Creek Affordable Housing Project (which incorporates public input, a Traffic Impact Study and a Habitat Assessment) and also to survey stakeholders and neighbours, was held on November 28, 2018. Click on the links below to view background documents.

Concept plans
Poster Boards
Traffic Study
Habitat Assessment


Status of Current Projects
Charman Creek Development
At the Council meeting of September 4, 2018, staff reported on a Design Charrette held August 7, 2018 at Christensen Village. Hosted in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society (SCAHS), the purpose of the charrette was to collect feedback on the proposed Charman Creek affordable housing development, which was redesigned following the World Cafe session held on February 1, 2018.

See the Design Charrette Feedback Report here.

As false information was circulating within the community, staff also clarified that a comprehensive survey had been completed on the site in order to identify trees with diameters of 1 m, .7 m, and .5 m. This work was completed in order to protect the trees by designing the proposed affordable housing development around them. A core design principle of this project is to limit the number of trees impacted by the development.

Franklin Road
The Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society intends to build three rental units on the proposed property at Harmony Lane/Franklin Road. Currently, the Town of Gibsons is working to create a buildable lot at the site. For more information, read the staff report on  Franklin Road Affordable Housing Project

749 School Road
At 749 School Road (the old RCMP building), Council has applied under the Surplus Federal Real Property for Homelessness Initiative for the acquisition and use of the property, in order to pursue a vision for transitional/supportive housing at the site. For more information, please read Memo to Council re SFRPHI.


Timing Portion of Charman Creek Lands (40 units) Franklin Road (2 units) and other road ends Old RCMP at 749 School Rd 
Nov. 7, 2017 Confirm site;
Confirm three step consultation process
Confirm site for pilot;
Request design from Society;
Staff proposal road closure for 4 sites
Request information from Habitat
Feb. 2018 to Nov. 2018 Consultation process

1. World Café – Held February 1, 2018 – read report: WORLD CAFE What We Heard

2. Design Charette – Held August 7, 2018 – read report: Design Charrette Feedback 

  • Advisory Planning Commission (Scott Keck and Aleria Ladwig)
  • BC Housing (Marcus Paterson)
  • Neighbour with a background in environmental management (Kim Wilkinson)
  • Sunshine Coast Community Services (Carey Rumba)
  • Property Manager, Holywell Properties (Adam Major)
  • New Commons Development (Andy Broderick and Joe Chipman)
  • Urban Matters CCC (Matt Thomson)
  • Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society (Dion Whyte)
  • Town of Gibsons (Lesley-Ann Staats)
  • Architect (Teryl Mullock)

3. Open House – held November 28, 2018. Results currently under review.

Open House March 2018 – Under the SFRPHI, Council has applied to acquire the lot to pursue vision for transitional/supporting housing at the site
Sept. 18, 2018 Endorsement by Council of terms of draft Memorandum of Understanding  between Town of Gibsons and SCAHS. Council direction Council direction
2018 Grant application to senior governments Local fund raising Grant application to senior governments
TBD Zoning/OCP Amendment Application Submitted n/a Zoning/OCP Amendment Application Submitted
TBD Development Permit Development Permit Development Permit
TBD Building Permit Building Permit Building Permit


At the Committee meeting of October 17, 2017, and based on public input collected in June 2017 at an Open House, Council tentatively selected two sites for Affordable Housing projects that could be developed by the SCAHS.

Council discussed the importance of considering neighbourhood concerns while at the same time pursuing housing projects that may help address the urgent need for Affordable Housing in our community. An extensive consultation process is planned to ensure neighbouring residents and interested community members can provide input into the site designs.

On November 7, 2017, a portion of Charman Creek lands was designated as a prospective site for a 40-unit rental housing project, to be developed and funded in partnership with the SCAHS and senior governments.

For the past decade, housing on the Sunshine Coast has become increasingly expensive. This trend has accelerated over the past two years, spurring an urgent need for added affordable housing options. “Collaborating on housing initiatives” is therefore a key goal in Council’s current Strategic Plan. In the recent past, the Town took action by legalizing Secondary Suites and introducing the Garden Suite program.

Currently, the Town and the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society are working together to investigate Town-owned sites which may be used for affordable housing. Below, each project is described in more detail. At the end of this page you can find relevant staff reports for these projects.

Charman Creek Lands selection
Over the past 2 years the Town has worked with the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society (SCAHS) and identified possible sites for an affordable housing project of up to 40 residential units. A 3-acre portion of the Charman Creek Lands has now tentatively been selected for this project.

In 2015, the Provincial Investment in Affordable Housing (PIAH) program was announced. This is a commitment of $355 million to create more than 2000 affordable rental housing units in B.C. The investment will be distributed over five years and it is hoped that this could fund this project for Gibsons.

In June, initial concept plans were presented at a Public Open House for two Town owned sites. Also, a feasibility study investigated the cost and viability of a possible affordable housing project on either site. Council chose the Charman Creek lands, located at the end of Shaw Road and Eaglecrest Drive where a portion of the lands is proposed to be used for the affordable housing project.

The feasibility analysis shows the total cost of the project to be around $ 9,000,000. With senior government funding this could result in the creation of 40 rental apartments consisting of a mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units.  The site would offer a mix of market rents ($ 1,300 – $ 1,850) as well as reduced monthly rents ($ 1,100 to $ 1,500 and $ 900 to $ 1,138) with rent reductions of anywhere between $ 200 up to $ 700 below market levels. This mix of rental options of market and below market apartments would provide affordable housing options to independent seniors or other singles, lone parents, couples, and couples with children. SCAHS would operate and manage the buildings.

Old RCMP site (749 School Road)
Under the Surplus Federal Real Property for Homelessness Initiative, Council is interested in acquiring the property to pursue a vision to offer transitional/supporting housing at the site. For more information, please read this Memo to Council re SFRPHI dated March 14, 2018.


Franklin Road/Harmony Lane and other road end dedications
In 2016, staff identified a number of undeveloped road dedications in the Lower Gibsons area, which may have potential to become residential lots. They could provide for affordable single family homes, dispersed through existing neighbourhoods. The following sites are shortlisted:

  • Franklin Road/Harmony Lane (pilot project for 2 affordable housing units)
  • Beach Avenue / Glen Road (use to be determined)
  • Bals Lane / Seaview Road (use to be determined)
  • Glassford Road / Gower Point Road (use to be determined)

Town staff began preparations of the road closure process for the sites by commissioning a geotechnical investigation and a surveyor to identify future lot lines. The Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society intends to build three rental units on the proposed property at Harmony Lane/Franklin Road. In addition, Council has indicated an interest to create parcels at three other locations as well. These sites could create revenue if sold, or serve as sites for Affordable Housing.


Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society
The Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society was incorporated in October 2015, in response to recommendations from the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Committee. The Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society is a group of local residents with experience and interest in housing.

The Society aims to develop new housing units, and act as a Community Land Trust, leveraging its assets to develop new housing, and working with tenants as equity partners to build wealth. Partnership – with tenants, the local building industry, municipal governments and others who recognize the importance of affordable, decent housing.

Types of housing
The focus of the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society is on working families and individuals who do not have other options in the current real estate market. The Society’s main priority is often termed ‘workforce rental,’ and is intended to serve households that cannot afford market rental rates without paying more than 30% of their income toward housing costs, but earn too much to receive any form of government subsidy or support.

2017-10-17 Summary of Council Recommendations
Charman Creek Lands presentation
Charman Creek Lands staff report
Charman Creek Lands feasibility study
Open House Feedback June
Old RCMP site staff report
Franklin Road / Road ends presentation
Franklin Road / Road ends staff report
2017-09-15 Charman Creek Lands site plans (used for feasibility analysis)
2017-06-08 Open House posters
Feedback received
2017-03-07 PIAH Program (Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting)
2017-03-07 Old RCMP Site (Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting)
2016-09-06 SCAHS Affordable Housing Project Update (Regular Council Meeting)
2016-06-07 Affordable Housing Project (Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting)
2016-03-01 Possible Sites – Cluster Housing (Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting)

If you would like further information or if you like to provide comments please feel free to contact us.

Lesley-Ann Staats, Director of Planning 604-886-2274

Matt Thomson, Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society