Davis – Poplar Rezoning 2020

Figure 1
Background Information

The Town has initiated an Official Community Plan and Zoning amendment for the properties along Davis Road and Poplar Lane, as outlined in bold in Figure 1 (right).

This initiative is intended to provide gentle infill density on the properties in a single-detached building form, while maintaining the character of the existing neighbourhood.

The OCP Amendment is proposing to alter:

  • the OCP’s land use designation from the existing “Medium Density Residential” to “Multi-Unit Residential Special Character”, and increase the Multi-Unit Residential Special Character density to 60 units per hectare to allow up to 4 units (in the form of a three-family dwelling and a garden suite) on each property; and
  • the form and character Development Permit Area from the existing “Multi-Family Residential Development Permit Area No. 4” to “Intensive Residential Development Permit Area No. 8”.

Similarly, the Zoning Amendment is proposing to alter the zoning from the existing “Single-Family Residential Zone 2 (R-2)” to “Multi-family Residential Zone 7 (RM-7)”, and expand the Garden Suite Area to these lots for the purpose of allowing each property to have up to three units within a single-family dwelling as well as a Garden Suite.

Read related Staff Report dated March 3, 2020 here.

Community Consultation

Initially, the Town had intended to host an Open House for this initiative, to share the proposed bylaw changes and to answer any questions pertaining to the proposed changes.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, a public gathering was not possible.

Instead, we asked residents who may be affected by the proposed amendments to complete a short survey. (The survey was mailed to all residents of the Davis Road – Poplar Lane neighbourhood and was also available online, via this web page).

The survey closed on July 8, 2020, with 23 responses received.

Survey results are now being tabulated and will be presented to Council, who will use the feedback in their decision-making process.