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Do you plan to undertake a project within the Town boundaries? For more information about the process, please refer to the list below for links to common application procedures and explanatory guides.

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(Feel free to contact the Planning Department at  if you’re unsure about which process will be involved, or if you need to apply for a combination of permits or approvals.)

Site Disclosure Statement

Following February 2021 updates to Provincial Contaminated Sites regulations, a Site Declaration Statement must now be submitted with every Development Permit, Subdivision, Rezoning or Building Permit Application (but only one statement per project.) The Town is required to review the Declaration Statement within 15 days of receipt, and will forward the document to the Province for further review where the presence or use of Schedule 2 contaminants is identified and where no exemptions apply. 

Site Disclosure Statement (new online format)

Download Site Disclosure Statement Form here.

Learn more about Contaminated Sites/Site Identification regulation here. 


Building Permits, Forms and Guides

Board of Variance 
2019 Board of Variance Guide & Application

Development Permits
2022 DP 1, 2, 9 Guide & Application with Site Profile
2022 DP 3-8-10 Guide & Application

Development Variance Permit
2019 DVP Guide and Application
Policy to Evaluate Variances

Garden Suites
Garden Suite Guide

Heritage Alteration 
2019 Heritage Alteration Guide & Application

2019 Liquor Cannabis Guide & Application

Official Community Plan Amendment
2021 OCP Amendment Guide and Application

Sign Permit
2019 Sign Permit Guide and Application
Sign Bylaw

Subdivision Application 
2022 Subdivision Guide & Application

Temporary Use Permit
Temporary Use Permit Guide & Application 2020

Zoning Bylaw Amendment
2022 ZA Guide and Application

Development Permit Guidelines

The Town of Gibsons has established guidelines to regulate development in the following Development Permit Areas (DPAs). Where properties are located in two or more DPAs (e.g. a multi-unit residential site located in a Geotechnical Hazard Area), the guidelines for both DPAs shall apply.

DPA 1: Geotechnical Hazard Areas

DPA 2: Environmentally Sensitive Areas

DPA 3: Upper Gibsons Commercial Area

DPA 4: Multi-Unit Residential Development

DPA 5: Gibsons Landing – commercial and multi-unit residential development

DPA 6: Light Industrial/Service Commercial

DPA 7: Live/Work

DPA 8: Intensive Residential

DPA 9: Gibsons Aquifer

DPA 10: Gospel Rock Village