Infrastructure Services – Engineering, Public Works, Parks - Town of Gibsons

The Infrastructure Services Department unites the related objectives of Engineering, Public Works and Parks staff under one umbrella. As a whole, the goals of the department are to:

  • manage the construction of new infrastructure to meet increased service levels and support growth
  • manage the replacement of aging infrastructure in a sustainable manner
  • ensure that the existing infrastructure operates at optimum efficiency to meet the desired service levels, and is maintained in perpetuity
  • identify, value and maintain the Town’s natural assets, including the Gibsons Aquifer, foreshore and harbour areas, urban forest and stormwater ponds
  • contribute to the quality of life and personal wellness of the community through the provision of a variety of special events, programs, services and facilities
  • provide support and assistance to the organizations that deliver social, cultural and recreational pursuits within Gibsons
  • provide courteous and responsive service to our customers
  • maintain skilled and motivated staff

These goals are achieved by dedicated, highly trained staff who focus on different aspects of managing, operating and maintaining the Town’s infrastructure.

Engineering staff are responsible for long-range planning, designing and construction of the Town’s infrastructure, in a cost-effective and efficient manner. It also reviews and approves off-site servicing plans for new developments, subdivision and building permits, and develops and maintains record drawings, including infrastructure property and data.

Natural Asset Technician is responsible for the collection of data for our natural assets as well as planning for the maintenance and monitoring of these assets.

Public Works staff are responsible for ensuring the continuous and safe operation of the Town’s infrastructure and facilities. This infrastructure includes paved roads, gravel lanes, sidewalks, street signage, streetlights, water supply system, wastewater collection and treatment system, drainage system, vehicles and municipal buildings. Staff are also responsible for brush cutting, line painting and managing solid waste, including the operation of a green waste transfer facility, spring clean-up program and management of the garbage collection contract.

Parks and Cultural Services staff are responsible for maintaining 28 parks and civic properties, beach accesses, trails and natural areas for the use and enjoyment of the public. In addition, these staff coordinate banners, flags, tennis courts, floral displays, seasonal displays and community events, manage filming applications, and process tree removal and cosmetic pesticide applications. They also monitor beach water quality nine months of the year.

After Hours Emergencies phone 1-866-257-2194 (call after regular business hours only and related to emergency matters e.g. A hazard to persons or property.)